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Miettinen, Helena - Joganson, Kyllikki: Petettyjen toiveiden maa (Land of betrayed hopes)
Arator Oy 2001
ISBN: 952-9619-81-2

The story of Kyllikki Joganson, who moved to the Soviet Union when she was 9 years old, is a heart-rending depiction of a lost life and the pointless suffering and humiliation in the face of the inevitable of an "average" person saved from prisoner camps.

Her parents were defectors, who left the Soviet Union in the 30's to find a better life. The story reflects the senseless cruelties of Stalin's time through the personal experience of one individual, but at the same time, it also sheds light on the broader suffering of the whole society.

Erkkilä, Veikko: Vaiettu sota (The Silenced War)
Arator Oy 1998
ISBN: 952-9619-16-2

Veikko Erkkilä's work, Vaiettu sota, received the national Non-fiction Publication Award in 1999.
Vaiettu sota was also published in Swedish in October of 2001.

The book tells about Soviet partisan attacks against Finland between the years of 1941-44.

The author has made a rare document by compiling information about the attacks from both sides of the border. Survivors from the villages, relatives of the victims, as well as Soviet partisans have all lent their voice to this work.

Finland's silence enabled the nation to survive these tragic attacks on civilian villages.

The book contains unique documents and photographs found in the Finnish archives.

Editor Veikko Erkkilä has done a significant work in presenting the reality of this war, silenced in Finland and deceitfully portrayed in the Soviet Union.

Kitti, Marko: Isiä ja poikia (Fathers and sons)
Short stories
Arator Oy 2010
ISBN: 978-952-9619-95-5

Short stories about fathers and sons.

For more info about the author, visit Marko Kitti's www-site:

Kitti, Marko: Meidän maailma (Our world)
Arator Oy 2008
ISBN: 978-952-9619-92-4

Marko Kitti's novel Our world is a story about two young brothers living in the shadows of domestic violence. The neighbors and authorities are there, but all the heartbreaking incidents are hidden from their sight.

This powerful story was a candidate for the Runeberg-award 2009.

For more info about the author, visit Marko Kitti's www-site:

Kitti, Marko: Viidakko (The Jungle)
Arator Oy 2003
ISBN: 978-952-9619-85-5

Marko Kitti's novel "The Jungle" is an artistic and startling novel about life in the concrete jungle, in the suburbs.

Markku Kärki returns to resolve a life mystery which had already ended long ago and a real jungle emerges from the relationships between the people.

For more info about the author, visit Marko Kitti's www-site:

Kitti, Marko: Kottarainen (The Starling)
Short stories
Arator Oy 2001
ISBN: 952-9619-82-0

"I always engage myself with such zest, as much like the grumbling female quality supervisor of a cleaning firm as like a small boy pouting about the birth and homecoming of his little sister-and as all the types of personalities that come in between those."

This is how Turku native Marko Kitti (born 1970) describes his first work.

Marko Kitti has been writing with a purpose since 1992. After discontinuing his high school studies, he worked as a storehouse assistant, a metal worker, a cleaner, a teaching assistant, an entrepreneur in TV advertising and as a graphic designer for the Internet.

The strengths of the work are the exceptionally discerning and empathetic depiction of people and captivating, realistic dialogue. The diversity of the collection of short stories reveals a talented writer.

For more info about the author, visit Marko Kitti's www-site:

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